TWI Hardscape 

With more than ten years of experience in hardscape work, TWI Hardscape is your Metro Atlanta source for outdoor design, amazing customer service, and great craftsmanship.  Our skilled masons and builders are dedicated to getting you an outdoor space you will use and love for many years to come.  We source top of the line materials for each project so that your hardscape will last a lifetime.

Our number one goal for every client’s project is that their dream becomes a reality – budget requirements included.  Here at TWI, we pride ourselves on being reliable and dependable, and that extends into every aspect of our business.  Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we will work hard with you to put together the best designs to fit all your needs; from entries to outdoor kitchens to patios, TWI is here for you.


Our designers and masons have many years of experience crafting beautiful spaces.  You tell us how you want to use your space, and we’ll bring in the tools and masterfully skilled hands to create something stunning.


It matters little how beautiful an outdoor space is when it’s crafted with sub-par materials.  Here at TWI Hardscape, we use only the finest stone and hardware.


Excited to start using and enjoying your new outdoor space? Our team is quick and efficient so you can get outside sooner.

Why Choose Us

Our designers and builders will be with you each step of the process.  We can help you solidify a design and select materials from our catalog; as the weather starts to roughen the finish on your stonework, we are also available for cleaning and refinishing services.  Our team wants to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your outdoor project – from planning to completion.

With reasonable prices, extreme attention to detail, exceptional designs, and a dedicated team of highly-skilled professionals, Atlanta’s TWI Hardscape will be your go-to source for outdoor projects.  When you want the job done properly and the turnaround to be efficient, we’re the business that fits your needs.  Call us today to schedule a consultation and receive a quote; we’re excited to do business with you!

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