Hardscape maintenance is a critical consideration after you have a new hardscape installed. Of course, you don’t want your investment to be wasted, and you don’t want to spend money on costly repairs if something goes wrong. So, how do we keep hardscapes for Metro Atlanta homes and businesses looking their best? Today, the TWI Hardscape team will give you some pointers.

Why Is Hardscape Maintenance So Important?

As you probably already know, hardscapes can be expensive. When you put in your new deck, outdoor kitchen, or pagoda, you were thinking “return on investment.” However, if you forget to perform routine hardscape maintenance, your potential return is going to be far lower. In order to keep your Metro Atlanta hardscapes looking their best, you’ll need to keep up with maintenance.

Five Hardscape Maintenance Tips for Metro Atlanta Homes & Businesses

#1: Clean Surfaces Regularly

You can use a regular hose with a spray attachment for most things, but you may need special cleaners or a pressure washer for others. Depending on how often you clean your hardscapes, what they’re made out of, and where they are, you may need to spend more or less time on this. We recommend cleaning your hardscape surfaces at least once a quarter to prevent buildups.

#2: Seal Surfaces Properly & Audit Its Longevity

Some surfaces will need to be sealed with the proper products. For example, wood of any kind needs to be sealed properly with a stain, paint, or special sealant. However, you can’t just seal your hardscape materials once and forget about them. You should be inspecting those materials once a year until the lifespan of the sealant has been reached. We also recommend re-sealing before the lifespan has lapsed.

#3: See Damage? Repair It NOW

Damage to hardscape materials compounds rapidly, especially for materials that have been sealed in protection against the elements. If you notice that you have a chipping rock, split rock, or peeling paint, take care of it right away.

#4: Use the Right Tools & Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Another important consideration is to follow instructions properly and use the right tools for hardscape maintenance. This will ensure that you aren’t making damaging mistakes that will actually cause more issues for your hardscape materials. You’ll want to be especially careful when cleaning, re-applying sealant on, or re-leveling certain aspects of your hardscape.

#5: For the Best Hardscape Maintenance, Hire a Professional

Here at TWI Hardscape, our team of professionals has been installing and caring for Metro Atlanta hardscapes for many years. We know what to look for, how to handle these materials, and how to spot the signs of wear and tear. We can help you keep your hardscapes looking their best and help you extend their lifespans.

TWI Hardscape: Metro Atlanta Hardscape Maintenance Services

Are you ready to schedule an inspection of your Metro Atlanta hardscape? Whether you’re a home or business, we can inspect all of your hardscape materials, clean them properly, and repair any damage that might lead to issues in the upcoming years. To schedule hardscape maintenance with our team, contact us today.